Locally Owned, Nationally Known

Our friend Jeff Wells has been an ambassador of Fleet Feet Sports for quite a while. After operating several stores from California to Kentucky, he has finally settled in on Richmond, VA to open a store with his family.  He told me once that Fleet Feet is “locally owned, nationally known.” The statement truly represents the power of our brand. 

As operators, Shawna and I are so proud to be in the Asheville community. Our goal is to enhance the walking and running communities centered here. We love the culture, landscape and people of Asheville.  Fleet Feet Asheville is locally owned. 

Fleet Feet Asheville is also nationally known. As one locally owned store in alliance with over 100 Fleet Feet Sports stores across the country, our brand has exclusive partnerships with the biggest names in the business to get best gear in the industry for you!  Our No Boundaries and various training programs have helped tens of thousands of participants achieve goals they never thought were possible.    

In choosing Fleet Feet Asheville, you truly get the best of both worlds: Locally owned and nationally known.    


Mark Scott

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